Future of UOWDMS on TikTok

BCM325 Beta

Developing my future business plan for UOWDMS on TikTok has been a journey. In the initial stages of my prototyping I intended on making 2 visual essays. However, after I began this project I realised that there is more information I wanted to share.

Alvin Toffler (1970) states “Futurists do not ignore the present”, which leads into the idea that “History cannot be imagined without the concept of the past having a future” (Moore, 2021). So I wanted to research what is happening on TikTok now to ideally create a business plan that will aid for what might happen in the future.

As a result, I decided to start a series on my YouTube Channel. This consists of 6 parts and includes my final business plan for the TikTok platform. 


Moore, C., 2019. BCM325 Futurists. Youtube Lecture. Future Cultures BCM325. University of Wollongong. Delivered 10/03/19.

Moore, C., 2021. BCM325 Future Cultures 2021 Week Two Vlog. Youtube Lecture. Future Cultures BCM325. University of Wollongong. Delivered 8/03/21.

3 thoughts on “Future of UOWDMS on TikTok

  1. Hey Michaela, love your DA I am a personal fan of the UOWDMS Tik Toks! I think you have done a great job of demonstrating your operational prototype as it is clear you have been making a lot of content.
    Your DA plan is really interesting and I like how you’ve separated the short term and medium term based on current and future thinking. This could tie into the week 3 reading ‘”Imagine a Good Day”–Bertrand de Jouvenel’s Idea of Possible Futures in the Context of Fictitious and Historical Narratives’ (https://www.academia.edu/2183380/Imagine_a_Good_Day_Bertrand_de_Jouvenels_Idea_of_Possible_Futures_in_the_Context_of_Fictitious_and_Historical_Narratives). Paalumäki points out that “possible futures have to be descendants of the present just like the present is an actualised possible descendant of a past situation”. This notion would support your research and exploration into current industry trends and targets, and how this alters your future predictions.
    This article (https://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/tiktok-for-higher-ed-the-latest-education-social-media-marketing-trend) may come in handy for both your research and DA ideas as it focuses on how colleges and universities are utilising Tik Tok for marketing their school and connecting to current and future students. This is interesting as it demonstrates how schools are using current trends to brand themselves in order to encourage future enrolment. That could become part of your business plan, as you are setting up UOWDMS current branding to influence future outcomes.
    It would be interesting to see some of the research that you did on industry trends and other specific goals listed in the video, just so you can demonstrate how you have conducted relevant research. It’s clear that your DA is performing very successfully so maybe include some of your analytics that highlight this, and show the videos that performed best and the factors that may have influenced this.
    I think you have done a really great job of tying your current DA in with the future cultures class and I can’t wait to see some more Tik Toks!


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